Mit Leichtigkeit leben - Living with lightness

Christina Hirsch - Training & Coaching


„You cannot see the ground under troubled water“
Indian saying


IOur modern society is restless and continuously busy with important things. Something is always to be done or avoided. The trot of the job tasks is followed by the gallop of hobbies and planning the future. Or, by simply vanishing in the labyrinth of the Internet. 

Though, there are moments in the early morning, when a ray of light peeps through the stores – and before our mind really awakens – our heart is overflooded by an apparently irrational feeling of deep happiness.

And sometimes words are coming over our mouth during a dispute – as if somebody else would be talking. And this word moves so deeply that there is instant peace.

How could we keep such experiences and make them consciously part of our life?

Discover meditation – the hidden treasure

Meditation is a wide-open field where many paths lead to a hidden state of being. Once you found an adequate practice, you can reach a clear mind and relief your body. Given your perseverance and buoyancy.  The first step is the decision to walk the way. The less expectations you bring, the faster you'll get to the inner core ;-)

By allowing yourself to step out from the carousel of thoughts, emotional imprints and material adherence, you will experience the unfolding of conscience into the lightness.

The experience is indescribable and very intimate. Practicing meditation results for each of us in different achievements. It's like discovering a new continent on the inner side of the planet „I “, once there, you can understand its arrangement in the galaxy „US “.


Find your personal way to meditation in my company

Looking at our body as our temple, the ways in and out go through the same doors. These are our senses, our thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness exercises help you cleaning the temple and consciously use the doors.


By the help of voice, sounds and vibrations you'll get into inner worlds.  Visualization techniques will help activating your native creativity, which can initiate transformation processes.


By special meditation practice, we can activate and balance our subtle energy hubs: the chakras. These are gates through which we can exchange energy and information with higher levels of the Universe.

Our well-being and intuition will increase.  Through easy exercises we learn how to keep these channels open throughout the day.

Silent meditation

The silent meditation is the peak of a meditation practice. By training the letting-go of any kind of stimuli and impressions, you can build up the strength to interrupt the endless gossip of your own thoughts. You'll be able to rest in the peace of ABSOLUTE TRANQUILITY.

Getting on your way of meditation

  • Exercises for senses, thoughts and emotions

  • Visualization techniques to activate your creativity

  • Cleaning and balance of the body energetic hubs - chakras

  • Silence meditation for the release from any stimuli and impressions

What can you achieve by meditation?

A stronger self-possessed personality by:

It is especially this experience that motivates me to teach others meditation!