Mit Leichtigkeit leben - Living with lightness

Christina Hirsch - Training & Coaching

Stress management – Walking the line with serenity

"There is a space between a happening and a reaction. In this space lies our power of decision about our reaction upon. Our development and our freedom arise from this decision.“ 

Viktor Frankl

Have you ever screamed at your boss in anger? Maybe exactly previously to a pending rise in salary. You, who is always so keen to make everybody happy!

Coming home so proud of your self-control after this difficult business negotiation that led into nothing? In the late evening though, you gave your son a harsh scold. There were 5 Lego pieces laying around on the floor. You, the ever-strong and caring daddy.

Oh, no, this cannot happen to me. I am a positive minded and hard-working woman. How come though, that exactly on the 21st Dec this flue puts me down? I've just finished cleaning the whole house and preparing everything into detail. Damn virus!

Recognizing the real causes of stress

Paradoxically, most of the people are complaining nowadays of various problems that, apparently, have nothing to do with stress.

One being aware of stress, we tend to look for its roots in the outside. Remember that old story with the rootless saber-toothed tiger that ambushed us insidiously.  

Moment! Some of us have already sensed that the truth lies somewhere in between.  Oh, but who would like to see a saber-toothed tiger in the mirror?

Let's get serious. Are you looking for a long-lasting solution?

Help to self-help

This is the point where we could start a cooperation: firstly, encouraging you to take it as it is and mindfully observing the situation.

  • What’s really going on?

  • Where is the beast hiding?

Then, develop the strategy for taming the stress.

Self-loving permitted!

Are you longing to look in the beautiful mirror of life relaxed and with relieved heart? Would you like to go for a hunt in the modern jungle well equipped and daring? Learn to withstand the most dramatic tempest of life and win the energy of the waves for your own cruise!

There are many motivations for learning to deal with stress, but there is no more truthful and effective than the self-love.  Would we think every day – even for only 2 minutes – about the consequences of prolonged stress burden on our health, we would for sure reconsider.

Self-efficacy is reached only through self-responsibility and the inner wish to change to a happier version of yourself. I deem this work as most precious at and with us, offering my knowledge and my experience as an ally.

You aim to succeed in extracting the stress-tiger's teeth? Let's go stalking together!

Stress management and long-lasting self-efficacy in 3 Phases

Phase 1:

  • Analysis of emotional and behavioural patterns
  • First-aid measurements to alleviate the stress burden

Phase 2:

  • Setting up personal values and natural needs

  • Identification of personal dogma and stress-amplifier

  • Build down tension and reassurance in daily life

  • Training units for change on mental, emotional and body levels

Phase 3:

    Relaxation and enjoyment exercises throughout all phases.