Mit Leichtigkeit leben - Living with lightness

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Dear visitors,
arriving in my early 50ties I consider myself in the second half of my life. This is the right time to go for the fulfillment of the life-wishes that are still open.

I count to my professional success almost 25 years of activity as chemical engineer and trainer.  With this new activity I follow the call of my heart for another kind of work, that's rather a vocation than a job. Whereas I am still happy to contribute – in a part-time way – to the success of the Evonik company I work for, as a trainer and learning-designer.

What pushes me outside my comfort zone? The inner voice, that continuously increased in the last years, telling me that is time to put my experience and talents to the service of people in a more direct and free way.

Born in Romania, behind the iron-curtain, I witnessed how lack of freedom, fear and suppression apparently managed to shrink the human dignity to an ash-lump.

How great was my enthusiasm to be part of the process of arousal and escape from the rigidity and horror of the totalitarian pseudo-communist regime? Just to – shortly after – live to see the break-down of the society in a vacuum of order and the regression to wild capitalism.

In this phase of confusion, I decided to emigrate to Germany – where part of my family is origin ARY from – seeking for a more stable life-perspective.

To make it short: in the new country I faced experiences that were both positively challenging and stressful, costing me a lot of vital energy and leading me to the limits of my resilience. While I luckily could cope and physically reload my personal resources, it was hard to accept the limits of understanding these experiences.

This raised the unshakable desire to find explanations for these – seemingly so complex and senseless - life processes and to understand their mechanisms.

The turning point in my life-quest happened around 10 years ago, when my deep spiritual vein led me to the merge of my Christian faith with the Buddhist one.

From the moment when I decided to GO for a new positioning in life and I started practicing meditation, I was raised by the wave of life to a higher level of development and I was blessed with teachers, trainers and all resources needed to get the answers to the most important questions:

How is this world evolving? Who am I? What's the purpose of my being here?

Now is the time to put this richness to the service of other people. My aim it to help those who would like to find their inner treasure, set their own life-course and overcome stress by self-strengthening. All this to lead in the lightness of being.

With gratefulness,

Christina Hirsch



Christina Hirsch
Josef-Neuberger-Str. 27
E-Mail:  info@mind-light.de
Mobile: +49 172 2562634

My qualification

Integral Systemic Coach / Life Consultant
 Veit Lindau, Life Trust, Baden-Baden, Germany

Counsellor for Stress management and Burn-out Prevention
MILD - Münchener Institute for solutionoriented thinking, Munich, Germany

 Meditation teacher
Fitmedi Academy, Germany - Certified Meditation Teacher

Professionelle Trainer
Bridgehouse Acadamy, Berlin, Deutschland

BDVT Certified Trainer

Chemical Engineer, Technical University Timisoara, Romania 
Faculty of  industrial organic chemistry


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